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From Career Ladder to Career Framework


If one were to ask when a person’s career starts, the most common answer would be, ‘with his first job’. But if the question was, ‘when does the preparation for one’s career start’, there might not be as clear-cut an answer.

Career is often defined as the general course or progression of one’s working life or one’s professional achievements. However, the preparation for any career, irrespective of how successful it is, starts much before one actually starts working.

Surabhi Computers, Wai has identified three distinct stages in a person’s career, each stage being equally important on the path to vocational self-actualization. The three stages are,


Knowledge Enablement typically happens during the pre-job and early career stages. It is during these years that one can develop life skills and career foundation skills, which will have a long-term impact on the shape that one’s career takes. Language, communication, logical, mathematical, IT foundation skills etc. are enabling skills that help one assimilate knowledge, analyze it, and communicate one’s thoughts and ideas effectively. These vital skills are the absolute bedrock of a successful career. Employability enhancement focuses on the skills required to get and keep one’s job, typically one’s first job. Employability is a result of Robust Educational Qualifications, Right Attitude, Strong Aptitude and Interest, Effective Communication Skills, Technical Competency, Relevant Global Certifications, and Demonstrable Project or Work Experience. Effectiveness & Efficiency in the career life-cycle paradigm refer simply to a set of skills that help the individual do a better job. These would typically be relevant once the person has gained initial employment and is looking for a career step-up. At this stage, the focus of career development shifts from basic issues of vocational identity to acquiring sharpness in skills or education or opportunity. Individuals, through Surabhi’s training edge, can re-focus on shaping their vocational identity consistent with their deepest, wisest self. From an employer’s perspective, the Career Life Cycleis a natural reflection of the belief that employees of an organization are it's most valuable asset and that effectively managing their Career Life Cycle is vital to the organization’s success. Employees who are given the tools to make strong career choices are more satisfied, engaged and will positively contribute to organization bottom line. In our opinion, the typical challenges related to skilled human resources are:


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