Graduate Programs



Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Duration : 3 Years (6 Semesters)


BCA degree course is offered by YashwantraoChavan Maharashtra Open University. YCMOU established in July 1989 by the Act XX-(1989) of the Maharashtra State Legislature. BCA degree is recognized all over india and abroad for job, higher education & competitive exams like MPSC/UPSC.

Industry requires complete professionals having not only qualifications, but also clear concepts, in-depth technical knowledge, skills on various latest technologies & platforms.

BCA is catering to the need of students aspiring to excel in the field of computers. This program is extended to six semesters each with a duration of six months. In this programme, besides computer, a student gets diversified knowledge on Management, Financial Accounting and Management.

In the last semester each student is required to undertake a 'Summer Project' and work with a private organization for a period of 6 months and submit a report after the completion of the project. This provides an opportunity to the student to tackle real-life problems.




Note : ( ITI is not valid for BCA admissions) Dual degree scheme Learner studying degree programme of other university can also join BCA programme as this university allows simultaneous registration to two degrees.

Semester I Semester II
Computer Fundamentals Data structures Through C
Office Tools OOPs & C++
Programming Expertise in C Data Communication & Networking (DCN)
Mathematics for Computers Humanities & Social Obligation
Study Skills  Communication Skills & Technical Writing
Semester III Semester IV
Elective-1 (Oracle) System Analysis & Design
Elective - 2 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Principles of Database Management Systems (DBMS)
Elective - 3 (E-Commerce) Computer Organization
Professional Development Operating Systems
New Developments in IT JAVA
Semester V Semester VI
Software Engineering Software Project (6 month)
Programming Excellence Through VB.Net  
Building Web Portals Through ASP.Net  
Enterprise solutions using J2EE  
Statistical Techniques  
Elective Subject
Data Structures through C++ DirectX Game Programming    
Distributed Computing through COM/DCOM Programming Excellence through  C#
E-Commerce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ORACLE Visual Programming
Writing Windows Device Drivers Linux

Study Material (Books)


Learner registering to the YCMOU computer programme will get individual copy of self-explanatory courseware consisting of text-book and work book of Programming Subjects.



The online examination enables learner to get their result and provisional certificates instantly. The regular certificate of successful learner is issued by the university in due course of time.

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