Technical Articles

Introduction to HTML 5 and Applications


HTML 5 is fifth revision of Hypertext Markup Language for presenting and structuring content for the Web Development. In Latest Release of HTML i.e. HTML 5 introduces many strong features and elements like canvas, audio, video, article, section, header and some elements have been redefined so that HTML could be able to show its supreme power. Benefits of HTML 5: There are number of benefits of HTML 5 which are used frequently in web development

Benefits of PHP Web Application Development


PHP that was created in the year 1995, stands for "Hypertext Processor". Initially it was designed for creating dynamic pages of a website during website development process. Gradually over the period of time it became one of the most popular programming languages under open source technologies


Cloud Computing-An Introduction and Basic Challenges


Clouding computing is the new kid on the block, it has been here from quite a long time but its uses and challenges have been felt in the recent times and that too after the world suffered a crisis of sorts with cash reserves shrinking, economies registering negative growth and organizations experiencing reduction in margins.

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